Turn Liabilities Into Assets

We let you focus on what you’re good at…

We strive to create a seamless transition into Bitcoin mining for Oil and Gas producers. At WRM, our aim is to ensure that Bitcoin mining simplifies production. Leave it to us to handle everything beyond the energy.

Monetize Stranded Assets

Vertically integrate a “virtual” midstream sales pipeline on your well site

Eliminate Bottlenecks

Capitalize on every last bit of gas flowing through your compression station or gas plant

Increase Oil Production

Unlock oil production by burning wellgas that you aren’t allowed to vent

Reduce Flaring & Venting

Reduce your environmental burden and decrease your cost of production

Pay for Abandonment

Extract the last bit of value from assets awaiting abandonment to cover reclamation costs

Eliminate Midstream Costs

Bring the market to you and eliminate costly logistics and dependence on pipelines

Reduce AECO Exposure

Set your own price for your gas and take control of your revenue streams

Deal structures we offer…

1. Self-Mine

Maximize revenue and mine your own Bitcoin (or convert it to cash)

2. Generate

Sell power off-grid at a fixed price per kWh

3. Sell Gas

Sell fixed-price gas right on site with predictable revenue

… and more!

What makes a good fit?

  • A consistent minimum of 15 MCF/d
  • A minimum of 12 mmHg gas pressure
  • Sweet gas (0% H2S)
  • Lean Gas (85%+ CH4)
  • Dry Gas (Liquid free)

Flare Sites

Convert existing flares into revenue streams

Stranded Sites

Revitalize shut-in wells and gas plants with discontinued pipelines

Turn-Key EPC





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