Your Gateway to Energy Excess

In the Wild West of off-grid mining…

WRM provides turn-key solutions for both those seeking a new beginning, and those well-versed in mining operations. We strive to provide a simplified, grid-equivalent experience to miners and investment groups looking to capitalize on Alberta’s abundant energy resources.

Competitive Power Cost

Access some of the lowest power rates in the industry in a stable political environment

Unparalleled Uptime

We vet our infrastructure with strict due-dilligence in order to guarantee 95% nameplate-hashrate uptime

Experienced Operators

We have been mining since 2014, and account for a large part of off-grid Albertan mining operations

Full Remote Control

Our advanced network team has 24/7 VPN access to all of our sites


*USD Flat rate, Large CAPEX req’d.

Transparency and Realism

We often take on clients who came from competitors in the industry. One of the largest gripes that co-location customers often have with hosts is a lack of transparency. We provide direct communication with clients, with frequent updates on progress and the status of our sites. Our team forecasts downtime based on planned maintenance and weather events for optimal peace of mind.

Gas Site Discovery

We find a suitable gas site with one of our partners in the resource sector

Infrastructure Procurement

We offer options for gensets and datacenters for purchase or lease

ASIC Hardware

Purchase ASIC hardware from us at industry-leading pricing or bring your own

Operations & Deployment

We handle all initial setup and ongoing operations on site with guaranteed uptime

Let’s Work Together